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SKIES ABOVE BRITAIN – new for Wednesday evenings on BBC Two

SKIES ABOVE BRITAIN – new for Wednesday evenings on BBC Two

New for Wednesday evenings

New for Wednesday evenings on BBC2, a brand new five part series Skies Above Britain explores the complex, hidden world of the skies above us and discovers the human stories of the people who spend their life in flight.


It’s busy up there….

Everyday six hundred thousand people and six thousand aeroplanes soar through Britain’s skies: from supersonic fighter jets, to one hundred and fifty-ton freight ‘planes, the latest commercial jets, hot air balloons, drones…and of course the Pitts Specials of Wildcat Aerobatics!



Episode Three

On Wednesday 31 August the third episode of the series titled Beneath the Clouds will provide a unique behind-the-scenes insight into life as a Wildcat pilot.


Watch out BAFTA

For the whole of the 2015 display season, Wildcat were followed and filmed by BAFTA award winning film producer Frankie Fathers and her fabulous assistant Samantha Williams.


Access All Areas

At home, at work, in the hangar and in the air, the production crew had unrestricted access to almost every aspect of our lives so that they could capture the essence of what it is like to be a member of one of the UK’s favourite formation aerobatic display teams.


Momentous Season

Through unprecedented access to the Wildcat team and its extended family, the programme charts the highs and lows of a truly momentous display season.  Sadly, 2015 was a season dominated by tragedy with the loss of our great friend and teammate David Jenkins just before the start of the season, and then the traumatic events at the Shoreham airshow in August.  These unfortunate events provide the backdrop and set the tone for what was a challenging season for everyone.


Interact with Wildcat Pilots

Wednesday 31 August will be the first opportunity that we have to see the programme, so it’s going to be a pretty nerve-wracking experience for all of us at Wildcat HQ!  Nevertheless, in the hope that Frankie and Sam have managed to make us look as cool as Daniel Craig or Brad Pitt, we will be live on Twitter and Facebook for 30 minutes right after the show to answer any questions you might have.

We’d also love to hear what you think about the programme so why not take to you favourite social media platform and tell us?

UPDATE on 28 August…

We’ve just heard that BBC2 have moved episode three to 8pm – a higher profile slot that puts us up against the infamous Great British Bake Off!


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