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G-ZIII | Pitts S2B

Pitts S2B registration G-ZIII is serial number 5151 and was manufactured by Christen Industries Inc in its factory in Afton, Wyoming, USA in October 1988.  It was first registered in Sweden as SE-LVI before moving south to Belgium as OO-MOV and then across the border to France as F-GMOV.  It was first registered in the UK in early 2005 as G-CDBH before being re-registered as G-ZIII later that same year.  The III suffix registrations are very popular with Pitts owners as they don’t take up much space on the small fuselage.

G-ZIII’s data plate

The aircraft was originally produced in a white with red markings colour scheme.  It was recovered in Ceconite 102 and repainted in its current colour scheme by Wildcat Engineering and Roger Doggett of RAD Aeropaint in 2011.  It is still flying with its original factory fitted Lycoming AEIO-540 engine.

G-ZIII in its original 1988 factory paint scheme
G-ZIII in its beautiful 2012 Wildcat paint scheme

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2 Comments to Pitts S2B | G-ZIII

  1. Brent Handy

    This sounds silly but could you tell me where on your aircraft the data plate is located?

    I recently purchased an S-2B and can’t find the plate. The inspector needs it to start the import to Canada!


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