The Wildcat Fleet

The Wildcat Fleet

The Wildcat Fleet

The fleet consists of two Pitts S2B aircraft. The Pitts Special has been used by teams in the US, Europe, Africa and the Far East and is a proven air display favourite. The biplane has a special appeal to airshow crowds and has been displaying in various guises since it’s unveiling at Homestead, Florida in 1946.

The Pitts Specials

We operate a pair of Pitts Specials. During our display the Pitts pair will fly only feet apart as they wow the crowd with close formation aerobatics.

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Individual Aircraft

Pitts S2B | G-DIII

Our lead aircraft, flown by Wildcat One, Al Coutts.

G-DIII Info Page

Pitts S2B | G-ZIII

Number two of the Pitts pair, flown by Wildcat Two Willie Cruickshank.

G-ZIII Info Page

Fleet Technical Specs

Pitts S2B
Engine Lycoming AEIO-540, 260 hp
TBO (overhaul frequency) 1200 hours
Fuel Avgas 100LL
Propellor Hartzell constant speed 2 blade
Landing gear Fixed conventional
Fuselage Welded AN4130 steel frame
Fuselage covering forward 6060 T6 aluminium
Fuselage covering rear Ceconite 102
Empennage covering Ceconite 102
Wings Sitka Spruce spars and ribs
Ailerons Wing and aileron covering
Wing and aileron covering Ceconite 102
Wheel base 163 inches
Wheeltrack 60.75 inches
Main wheels Cleveland 5×5.00
Tailwheel Maule / ACS
Vne 205mph
Best rate of climb 2900 ft/min
Landing distance 595 feet
Take off roll 375 feet
Endurance 2 hours with reserve


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