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Wildcat Supporters for 2017

Wildcat partners for the 2017 season

We’re very proud and excited to be heading into the 2017 season with such an awesome group of supporters. We’ll often blog about each of these relationships throughout the season, however for now, here they are.

APS Aviation Products Systems Inc.

aps-144 on whiteHigh Performance Starts with the Right Parts!

APS “BlackSteel” brake discs are truly unique – an innovation in aircraft braking systems. APS has designed a high quality brake disc that has established itself as the benchmark among aircraft brake discs. A true blend of strength and durability. CNC machined from a rigid one piece design these brakes are built to provide unparalleled performance. When the metal is forged it creates a directional grain flow that follows the contour of the disc. This directional grain flow means the disc has no weld line to break which greatly reduces the risk of cracking. The forgings are machined and then put through our proprietary heat treatment process where they are transformed into the signature “BlackSteel” brake disc, with our “BlackSteel” name proudly engraved on the side. The “BlackSteel” process is not a coating; it is actually a transformation of the top layer of metal, providing corrosion resistance throughout the life of the disc. Manufacturing APS “BlackSteel” brake discs is our passion . . . perfection is our standard.

Learn more about APS here

BGL Group

BGL GroupBGL Group, Europe’s largest privately owned insurance broker in the domestic, motor and travel sectors supports Wildcat.

BGL Group Website

Cirrus Flying Jackets

Wildcat are proud to be partnered with Cirrus which is a small quintessentially British, family owned company making high quality sheepskin flying jackets right here in Norfolk. Our Pitts were build for performance rather than comfort so lack the luxury of a cabin heater. Consequently, it can be chuffing cold flying around in a Norfolk winter and we are always very thankful to be wrapped up in our beautiful, cozy Cirrus sheepskins. Authentic in every detail, and made from the finest shearling sheepskin or leather, these made to measure Cirrus garments will continue to improve in look and feel and last for years and years.

Visit Cirrus’ website here


We are very fortunate at Wildcats to continue working with extraordinary talents and a willingness to contribute them to a cause. Lee Pirie of Elevatedby is one such individual. Lee is a 3D artist and graphic designer based in Yorkshire, UK. In his spare time, Lee is also an aviator himself and has a fair bit to do with RAF Cranwell and their Flying Scholarships for disabled people.

Visit Elevatedby’s website here

Hayward Aviation Ltd.

Hayward Aviation LtdWildcat Aerobatics are delighted to announce that for the 2013 season, our insurance will be provided by Hayward Aviation Ltd. Haywards are the largest aviation insurance broker in both the UK and in Europe, providing cover for approximately 60% of the UK’s light aircraft fleet, and 85% of helicopters. And it’s not just aviation insurance: Haywards also provide non-aviation insurance, and have a team of dedicated specialists ready to advise.

Visit Hayward Aviation Ltd.’s website here

Hooker Harness Aerobatic System


The Hooker Harness Aerobatic System is the seat belt and shoulder harness system that Hooker Harness is respected and best known for. The Aerobatic System is for the serious aerobatic competition or display pilot. Throughout the years competition pilots have been plagued with seat belt loosening problems. These problems are a direct result of using seat belt hardware primarily designed for military use, and not aerobatics. The Hooker Harness Aerobatic System harness system consists of a military style shoulder harness, dual military style seat belts, a crotch strap, a four piece pad set, and a stainless steel ratchet tightener. The shoulder harness can be made as a single anchor V or Y style harness, or a double anchor H style harness depending on the aircraft. The Aerobatic System is available in your choice of 1-3/4” webbing, as well as your choice of pad and trim colors.

Visit Hooker Harness’ website here

Mer Polish

Wildcat recommends Mer PolishThe Wildcat aircraft are maintained to the highest standards and they look great. To keep them looking tip top, we exclusively use products designed for professionals from Mer. Combining cutting edge technology and 40 years experience, Mer products are available from Halfords and other quality automotive retailers. Check out their website www.merproducts.com.

We especially like Mer Ultimate Car Polish, at speeds in excess of 200mph, our biplanes soon get covered in bugs and other airborne detritus, dust, exhaust emissions and smoke oil residue. After flight, just 15 minutes with a bottle of Mer and some rag, removes all that dirt and restores the shine to the Wildcat aircraft.

Give it a go, we are sure that like us, you’ll become instant converts.

Visit the Mer Polish website here


peels4uPeels4U is a new Norfolk company that works with their customers to create the very best graphics product whether it be a customised windscreen decal, wall art to redecorate your room or a professional advert for your business.

Visit Peels4U’s website

Pooleys Flight Plan Equipment

Pooleys-Flight-Equipment-Colour-logoPooleys have been providing flying and navigation equipment to the global aviation industry since 1957. Pilots in all flying disciplines benefit from Pooleys’ expertise in supplying an extensive range of flight equipment to meet any specification, including bespoke equipment requirements. Pooleys Flight Guide integrates seamlessly with SkyDemon, giving us what is unquestionably the strongest VFR navigation setup available.

Visit Peels4U’s website

The Realistic Trader

realistic-traderThe Realistic Trader – teaching people how to realistically semi-retire within 72 months by trading the markets in just 5 minutes per day. A Realistic Trader course will give you 2 days of intensive, real-world coaching on how to trade Currencies, Commodities and Indices successfully by spending as little as 1-5 minutes per day, using just a laptop or PC.You will be taught how to read a chart properly and how to use it to earn money by trading – so as well as knowing strategies tried & tested by Siam Kidd, you will actually know how and why they work.

Learn more about The Realistic Trader here

Sky Demon

Flight planning softwareWildcats are pleased to announce that they will use SkyDemon flight planning software from 2013 onwards. It instantly provides us with to the second routing for our displays and shows us any airspace restrictions. We can’t praise it highly enough.

Try their free 1 month trial for yourself

Squadron Prints

Finest Aviation PrintsSquadron Prints offer the world’s finest aircraft profile prints and has had close links with the Wildcat pilots since the mid-eighties. Already the undisputed leaders in this field of aviation art, their portfolio has now evolved, not only in to the world of embroidered patches, key fobs, airshow brochures, aviation books and collectables but to that of high quality photography.

Wildcat are proud to have Squadron Prints as a partner and love their top quality products. Although their origins are in the United Kingdom, they now have an office in the United States of America to further enhance their top quality service to our friends in the US Armed Forces.

Visit the Squadron Prints website here

Vision in Aviation

Vision in Aviation supports Wildcat AerobaticsHaving exceptional vision while flying aeroplanes is an essential requirement which all pilots understand. As such, we’re proud to recommend Pitts Pilots Sunglasses from Vision in Aviation as the perfect pair of shades to wear while flying in a high glare environment, upside down, and close to the ground!

Visit the Vision in Aviation website here

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